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Presenting flowers as an anniversary present is a long-cherished ritual that dates way back to the Medieval period.

Kings and warriors of the Holy Roman Empire would use beguiling blooms to surprise their wives to commemorate their anniversary, whether it’s a Silver garland for their 25th anniversary of golden wreaths as a token of love to mark their 50th.

This long, interesting (and utterly romantic) ritual has passed on from generation-to-generation through the long-march-of-time. So much so, that it is still considered to be an honourable and treasured offering for your better half.

“Sandringham Flowers”- your trusted wedding anniversary flower service in Sandringham believes:-

“To most people, wedding anniversaries are symbolised by gemstones and other special materials. But the clients we have served till date also embody this auspicious occasion with a special flower for each year.”

This brings us to the million-dollar question- “Are you stuck for an anniversary gift for your lady-love?” If so, then gander at our suggested list below!

1st Wedding Anniversary:- Carnations!

They symbolise ADMIRATION, STRENGTH and AFFECTION. It also embodies INNOCENCE and PURITY OF LOVE in each other’s eyes.

2nd Wedding Anniversary:- Lily!

Again symbolic of PURITY, Lilies primarily denote DEVOTION and LOYALTY towards each other for years… and decades.

3rd Wedding Anniversary:- Sunflowers!

It is a folk-belief that – ‘the strong stems of Sunflower denotes the STRENGTH OF MARRIAGE.’ Plus, as its head turns towards the sun, it also denotes UNDYING LOYALTY!

4th Marriage Anniversary- Hydrangea!

This bloom embodies GROWING UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. Perhaps that’s what explains why clients wanting wedding anniversary flower arrangements Sandringham for their 4th-year love Hydrangea so much!

5th Marriage Anniversary- Daisy!

It denotes FOREVER LOVE, HOPE and FIDELITY. And its beautiful yet intricate texture and petal structure symbolise all the joys and complications your relationship experienced and the strength both partners showed during those times to reach this special occasion.

10th Marriage Anniversary- Daffodils!

To celebrate a decade of marriage- DAFFODILS are the perfect flower for the occasion. It symbolises NEW BEGINNINGS and as a reminder of all those shared memories both of you had along with the many exciting years that lie ahead of you.

15th Marriage Anniversary- Rose!

After spending a decade-and-a-half with the love of your life, this special occasion symbolises refined love which has aged well- much like quality wine!

And to make this event memorable, ROSES work best as they symbolise DEEP ROMANCE and PASSION!

20th Marriage Anniversary- Asters!

Considered as a milestone of sorts, the best bloom for your 20th anniversary are Asters as it represents APPRECIATION and WISDOM!

25th Marriage Anniversary- Iris!

Iris signifies FAITH, BEING TRUE TO A PROMISE & KNOWLEDGE, thus making it perfect partners embracing their old age gracefully!

50th Marriage Anniversary- Violets & Yellow Roses!

It’s a milestone which very few achieve! That’s why this occasion deserves two flowers- Yellow Roses symbolising (BEAUTY and PROSPERITY), and Violets denoting – COMMITMENT and HUMILITY!

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