A List of Spring Blossoms to Fill Your Day with Fragrance and Colors



This flower is also known as a Lenten rose or Christmas rose;hellebores produce spring flowers of delicate beauty and surprising resilience. In warmer climates, it may even tolerate light frosts, making it one of the best flowers to plant in spring and as cut flowers.


There’s no sweeter spring fragrance than the blooms of this cottage-garden favorite. Lilac varieties, one of the best flowers in white purple of different shade.

Bearded Iris Pick:

This could be your favorite color, most put on their bloom show toward the end of spring.

Grape Hyacinth:

As much as any other spring bulbs, hyacinths trumpet the arrival of spring. Clustered flowers hang lusciously from sturdy stalks, resembling bundles of grapes; they are one of the most beautiful and one of pretty flowers in spring.


If it’s spring, it’s time for a show of daffodils. The bright, jovial spring flower has a range of shapes and sizes, from trumpet to small- and large-cupped to double.


Its bright color burst is short-lived, but ‘Pink Discovery’ azalea’s solid mass of flamboyant flowers provides a just-right transition from spring to summer bloomers.



flowering bulbs are one of nature’s mysteries, watching the claw like tuber of a ranunculus produce three dozen rosette-shaped flowers must be one of nature’s miracles. For sheer petal count, it’s hard to top the ranunculus, also known as the Persian buttercup. If you’ve seen them in flowers arrangement, you’ve probably been tempted to flick your thumb across the flower’s surface as one would rifle through a voluminous book; however, this would bruise the tissue-paper-thin petals of these delicate beauties. Ranunculus flowers are popular as wedding flowers, as they are inexpensive, showy, and long lasting as cut flowers.

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