B’Day Bloom Bouquets Based on Your Zodiac Signs

The zodiac sign that your birthday lands may not be in your control, nor may it dictate your destiny. But what it does is offer a sneak-peek inside your floral astrology.


Are you a practical Taurus… An incurably, hopeless romantic…Or a, fiery passionate Scorpio?

Regardless, knowing your mate’s zodiac sign will help you understand them more transparently and even prompt some personal growth with the right set of flowers.

So, the next time you’re debating to send a bouquet of red tulips, fragrant lilies, fun-loving sunflowers- we, at “Sandringham Flowers”; your reliable flower delivery provider in Melbourne recommends you to know their star signs.

i.Aries:- March 21- April 20

Flower:- Honeysuckle

Bloom Motto:– “ My vines climb to greater heights.”

Those born with Honeysuckle as their zodiac sign are very sweet to the senses of other people and tend to attract people with their charm and grace naturally.

Furthermore, it is also meant for those:-

  • Who are strong, assertive and have a gift of leading and inspiring people.
  • Who have smooth conversing skills and can attract people like honeysuckle lure in bees.
  • Who can weave out of any challenge and are very deft in discovering innovative solutions.

ii.Taurus:- April 20- May 19

Flower:- Poppy

Bloom Motto:- “I present beauty to your senses.”

For someone who has Poppy as their zodiac sign, it indicates that they have appreciation towards the finer things in life.

Furthermore, it is also meant for those:-

  • Who has a unique flair for style and a good eye for details.
  • Who love security and comfort.
  • And those who are very resilient and can weather any storm with their headstrong nature and patience.

iii.Gemini:- May 20- June 20

Flower:- Lavender

Bloom Motto:– “ My gorgeous expanses inspire and instils beautiful ideas.

Furthermore, a bouquet of Lavender is also meant for those:-

  • Expansive in their expressions.
  • Who are amazingly productive, creative and consist of an open-active mind.
  • Who love sharing ideas with others and even gets more insights while exchanging knowledge.

iv.Cancer:-June 21- July 22

Flower:- Acanthus

Bloom Motto:- “ Look Into My Petals For Your Own Nurturing.”

This flower symbolises sensitivity and high intuition in matters of the heart as well as the environment.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial for those:-

  • Having a warm and sympathetic nature.
  • Who have a secured home and surrounded by people whom they love and respect.
  • Who protect others from falling prey to negative influences.

v.Leo:- June 23- July 21

Flower:- Sunflower

Bloom Motto:- “I will Brighten All Your Existing Darkness.”

Those having this star sign and sunflower as their zodiac flower are warm, natural leaders and open-natured.

Furthermore, it also applies to those:-

  • Who can rise to any occasion when backed into a corner confidently.
  • Who tends to become the centre of attention and others look up to her/him for mentoring and advice.
  • Also, who is generous, faithful, tenderhearted and comes with a wide range of intellectual gifts.

vi.Virgo:- August 22- September 22

Flower:- Morning Glory

Bloom Motto:- “I Will Bring You Clarity.”

This flower embodies reflective and thoughtful actions and is perfect for those who think first and then act.

Furthermore, it is also a good choice:-

  • If your mate has a right eye for details.
  • Who often utilises their organisational skills to assist others struggling to get their acts straight.
  • You are very organised and observant and also very analytical.

vii. Libra:- September 23- October 22

Flower:- Rose

Bloom Motto:- “It Will Balance You In Its Beauty.”

Symbolically, this flower exposes all the truths in everything. And those consisting of this flower sign have a natural ability to see through the hidden meanings and unveil the underlying evidence.

Furthermore, a rose bloom bouquet will be perfect:-

  • If your mate fancies art, poetry and philosophy.
  • If they believe in the truth and is intolerant towards cruelty and injustice.
  • If you are naturistic and love to surround themselves with raw beauty.

viii.Scorpio:- October 23- November 21

Flower:- Chrysanthemum is perfect for people who have many layers to themselves and also those who like charity, honesty and trustworthiness.

Furthermore, this will be perfect:-

  • If your mate is very focused and tends to be very serious in their emotions.
  • If they are extremely intuitive and assists others identify areas where they need personal growth and improvement.
  • If you are amorous, active and without any end of partners/lovers.

Bloom Motto:- “The Mysteries & Enigmas Are Forever Unfolding.”

ix.Sagittarius:- November 23- December 21

Flower:- Narcissus. It symbolises good luck, honesty and trustworthiness.


  • If your mate is direct, honest and trustworthy by nature.
  • If you have a sensitive side and don’t like sharing with too many people.
  • If you consist of an active side and are naturally wise.

Bloom Motto:- “Escape into the dreamy depths.”

x.Capricorn:- December 22- January 21

Flower:- Carnation. These flowers symbolise the strong-willed and determination. It also expresses the concept of sturdy reliability.


  • If your mate has the natural gift of leading, and others even look up to him for moral support.
  • If they are committed and hardworking
  • If they are resolute and consist of a strong personality

Bloom Motto:– “Simplicity Is Its Own Reward.”

xi.Aquarius:- January 22- February 19

Flower:- Orchid. If your mate has Aquarius as their star sign, then gifting them a bouquet of orchids with a box of dark chocolates will be the perfect present. The flower works well for their inquisitiveness and inventiveness.


  • If your mate can be contradictory, but they know exactly where they are coming from.
  • If they have a dreamy personality and attracted to eccentric qualities
  • If they look at the world differently
  • Also, if they are a natural humanitarian and enjoys unravelling mysteries.

Then this year, be sure to deliver a bouquet of orchids. Lucky for you; we have some budget-friendly orchid arrangements (with special inclusions) to give to your birthday mate. Feel free to visit and browse.

Bloom Motto:- “Its Uniqueness Is Its Effectiveness.”

xii. Pieces:- February 20- March 20

Flower:- Water Lily. It symbolises perceptive and deep psychic. This bloom will help accentuate the intuitive abilities of your mate, thereby assisting her/him to soak up whatever ideas and thoughts circulate around.

Bloom Motto:- “All My Roots Touch Unseen Enlightenment.”


  • If your mate is a wonderful communicator and drawn to other languages.
  • If they are swayed too quickly by other people’s emotions and feelings.
  • If their emotions run out of control, they turn to their natural creative abilities to get grounded.

Then presenting them a gorgeous bouquet of Water Lilies will do them a lot of good in their life.

Wrap Up:-
Hopefully, these aforementioned details will help you figure out which bouquet of blooms is appropriate for you. Good news for you is that we; your trusted florist delivery service in Melbourne have the widest collection of fresh flowers awaiting you.

Feel free to call us @ (+ 61) 39598 6825 for your birthday bouquet gift. Being your one-stop- ‘flower shop near me’; we will fulfil whatever be your requirement, and even deliver it to you on the same day.

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