different shades of rose their meaning
Different Shades Of ROSE & Their Meaning!

Roses are Red… Everyone knows that. It is one of the most commercially grown flowers in the world, and an integral part of its charm, acceptance and widespread acceptance is they also come in a mix of vivid colour shades.

But, did you know that every Rose colour denotes a specific meaning? If not, then this post will educate you about each of them so that you can pick the right shade for the ideal situation.

Let’s begin.

i) It’s Signature RED Colour:-

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This is the classic Rose shade and a big favourite for the romantics. Whether; you want to show a nice, warm, gesture or deep passionate love towards the recipient- red roses will never let you down!

Other than showcasing your heart-felt love, red Roses also symbolise perfection and beauty- especially the dark red ones that reveal an unconscious beauty.

ii) Pink Roses:-

pink roses
Pink Roses are used to show appreciation towards someone. It is the perfect bloom to express your cordial feelings or a strong sense of gratitude. Pink Roses also help convey happiness, sweetness, grace and gladness.

iii) Yellow Roses:-

yellow roses
Yellow shades Roses connote ecstasy, health and fruitful friendship. These blooms are mostly used as Get-well- Flowers or even to celebrate a close mate’s birthday.

iv) White Roses:-

white roses
Being the purist of colours, white Roses symbolise charm, purity and innocence. Traditionally; they are used in weddings as it indicates a new beginning. Furthermore, white roses also express remembrance of someone and also spirituality.

v) Orange Roses:-

orange roses
Orange Roses evoke energy, desire, excitement and enthusiasm. And that’s why these blooms work wonderfully for offering congratulation and reaffirming your enthusiasm for your partner.

vi) Salmon Roses:-

This indicates a rose that consists of a slightly pinkier shade or orange. And like orange roses, they also evoke excitement and desires.

If you wish to express someone how you truly feel, then this is the perfect bloom to do it.

vii) Green Roses:-

green roses
The colour indicates life, constant renewal of life and energy and abundant growth. Hence, they can be the perfect gift to rejuvenate the spirits of someone going through a tough time in their life.

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Now Some Fun Facts:-

  • Presenting a single rose (be it any colour) means utmost devotion or a genuine way to say Thank You!
  • Six Roses (be it single or of separate colours) indicates a need to cherish and love someone.
  • Entwining two Roses (particularly a Red and White one) is a clear way of communicating ‘Marry Me.’
  • A bouquet of eleven Roses indicates the recipient is worthy of being loved truly.
  • And a bunch of thirteen Roses indicate the presenter is a secret admirer of the recipient.

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So, What Are You Waiting For…?

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