how will the flowers get packaged and transported
Have you Resolved All your Queries with Wedding Florist?

Well, wedding jitters are hard to avoid. You will feel excited at every stage, especially when it is about your wedding shopping. Choosing the right wedding flower is as tricky as choosing the right wedding gown or the wedding cake. You have to know a lot, understand a lot and ask a lot, to your florist.

Don’t think that the florist will feel disturbed or irritated to answer if you ask too many questions because they are always ready to give you all the answers. So, don’t ever feel any hesitation in mind to ask the Melbourne florist offering online delivery, anything when it is about something so important such as your wedding flower.

We have listed out some of the common questions just for you collected from the queries we usually receive from our clients. Make sure; you don’t leave any of these queries not ticked.

Is it Okay to Have a Same Day Delivery?

is it okay to have a same day delivery
Well, to be honest, for wedding flowers, you can always order for same-day delivery from Melbourne florist but only after knowing whether the flower you are ordering for is available in our stock or not. Only then, we can give you the flowers for same-day delivery. Always consult your florists beforehand to be sure.

Can I get a Discount?

This is something we get most frequently. The prices of the flower vary based on the type of flower you are ordering for. We can give you a smart idea to get the discount at any season. Choose a seasonal flower as the main wedding flower for your event, and you will be able to save a lot of money without expecting any additional discount from the florists.

How will the flowers get packaged and transported?

how will the flowers get packaged and transported
The process of packaging and transportation of the wedding flowers determine how fresh the flowers will remain till the time those will be used in your wedding. And, it varies depending on a few factors.

One of those is the amount of flowers you have ordered for. Usually, the best Melbourne florist delivery services come with a flower truck used for the transportation service. And, the trucks are typically climate-controlled vehicles. The best part of the same-day flower delivery service is, of course, the freshness of the flowers will remain locked for long.

What to Discuss at the First Appointment with the Florist?

first appointment with the florist
The very first thing you ought to discuss with your florist is the theme. If you have any specific preference regarding the theme, the first appointment is the time to spill the beans.

Also, hear them out, pay attention to what they are suggesting. They are there to help you out. So, if you have anything particular in mind, any aspiration or inspiration – make sure you let your florist know about it as soon as possible.

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