know how to keep the gifted flowers fresh for long
Know How To Keep The Gifted Flowers Fresh For Long

Whether you have purchased flowers or got them as a gift, increasing the life of the bouquets and arrangement allows the sweet memories to be with you for long. The freshness flowers and the blooming colour can give a fresh start to your day. Whether you know or not, most flowers last from 4 to 7 days, though it depends on the level of care they receive. Moreover, caring for flowers depends on how they are arranged. While purchasing, you may ask the florist for care tips. In this content, you will find some general care tips to start with-

Put Your Flowers to the Flower Vase:
put your flowers to the flower vase
The first thing you should do cut their stems after buying fresh blooms from our flower shop near Sandringham. This is applicable for any flowers or pre-arranged bouquets. When you prepare the flowers for cutting, fill the sink partially with lukewarm water and submerge the steams in the water. When you keep steams underwater, there will be minimal chance of getting air into the stem that can affect flower’s ability to reabsorb the water.

Sharp kitchen scissors are the great tools to cut 2-3cms from the end of the stems with a sharp angle. Did you know that cutting stems with an angle creates the larger surface that let the steam absorb water more rapidly? With this technique, it will extend the life of the flowers up to 32%. However, be cautious not to cut the stems through nodes, since this creates the sections in the steams that looks like a knuckle.

Choose the Right Vase:
choose the right vase
After the flower delivery in Sandringham, the vase you choose for arrangement must cover half of the steam length. In case, there is trouble fitting your flower vase, you can trim the stems more. Before you keep flowers in a vase, clean it thoroughly to get rid of the soapy residue using the clean water. Make sure there is no foliage on the stems, as it can develop bacteria causing shorter life to the flower.

While searching for the right vase, bear in mind the shape, size and flower types to determine the overall look of flower arrangement. Different sizes and shapes complement the flower arrangements in a unique way.

Clean and Hydrate the Flowers:
Clean and hydrate the flowers
As soon as you get the delivery of flowers from our shop near the hospitals in Melbourne, get a vase to arrange it. And, there are a number of factors that influence the freshness of the flower. Don’t forget to keep your arrangement in a cool location that is away from the sunlight, air conditioners, heaters and ripe fruits. Yes, you heard it right! It might sound odd, but the fruits release ethylene gas as the times passes and cause the early death of the fresh flower.

Lastly, make sure the flowers have a daily supply of water, which means you have to top them up whenever the water gets low. And, also you should change the water every two days after our Melbourne florist delivery. So, keep checking the water level and conditions to upkeep the moisture while avoiding scum from developing inside the vase.

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