Looking To Send Flowers To Someone In The ICU? Follow These Rules

One of the most touching ways to send best wishes to your loved one in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is sending flowers. However, since some hospitals in Australia function autonomously, it has its own set of rules and regulations.

One of which is not allowing flowers inside the ICU unit. And here are some reasons as to why.

  • The flower vase might harbour bacteria, and the water may have bugs.
  • The water inside the flower vase can also pose a big risk in the presence of so many ICU electrical equipment.
  • Pollens from flowers might irritate allergies.
  • The presence of flowers or plants inside the ICU could impede treatment.
  • Some flowering plants may also hold Aspergillus form of mould.

Another common belief is the harmful bacteria in the water will spread the germs if it splits or even spills. With that, sorting flowers requires a lot of time and effort from the nurses. However, if you do wish to bring ‘Get-Well-Flowers’ in hospitals, one way would be to ask directly to the hospital, whether it is allowed or not.

Here Are Few Tips In Response To Hospital Rules:-
tips in response to hospital rules

  • If you wish to send flowers to the Sandringham hospital, then make it a point to speak directly to the ward reception whether delivering flowers are allowed.
  • Next keep your bouquets simple and easy to move.
  • Always ensure those bunch of flowers are kept in a solid vase preferably with a wider base. This will make it difficult to knock it down.
    Bear most of the responsibility to change the water from the vase and also care for the flowers as best as you can. If you cannot visit every day, then request the nurse to do it on your behalf.
  • When selecting your get-well-flowers, always opt for low-pollen blooms like Irises, Lillies and Roses.

Are They Beneficial For Your Loved One?

Although, many medical professionals oppose sending flowers to hospitals, especially to patients in the ICU ward, research proves that they do help in the healing process.

Here’s How.

✓Betters emotional reactions and helps in mood upliftment.

✓Assists in improving their memory.

✓Considerably reduces their blood pressure.

✓Instils more positive feelings within them.

✓Lessens pain, fatigue and stress.

Furthermore, sending fresh flowers also assists in boosting happiness and creating a loving environment. Being in the ICU can be a low point in anyone’s life. But this sweet gesture can lift their spirits and renew their hopes of getting better soon.

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