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“Sandringham Specials” – Gorgeous Flower Arrangements Under $70!

Event special sees tons of gifts being exchanged between people who want to send their wishes to their loved ones. And when you are short on ideas- a gorgeous bouquet with a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolates proves rather apt!

Even research supports the fact that people who send flowers are caring and emotionally balanced. And be in sadness or joy, there is always a joy in presenting a gorgeous flower arrangement to your loved ones!

Flowers are your constant friend, and if you are looking for amazing floral arrangements on a budget, then ‘Sandringham Flowers’- your premier flower delivery shop in Sandringham is here to help.

Here are some ‘Bouquets Under Au$70’ that we recommend you for your special ONES.

“Tenderness” Bouquet- $55.00

Everyone loves soft and scented pink Lillies. That makes it a perfect choice for your loved one- regardless of the event. Fortunately for you; we offer you our special “Tenderness” bouquet that features soft Pink Lillies- just as you like them.

This special package also comes with many other complementary options such as- Helium balloons, a box of chocolates, type of vase, a bottle of wine/champagne and more.

“Serenity” Bouquet- $40.00

If you have someone who is ill- or injury-stricken and need more than mere words of encouragement, then this special ‘Serenity’ bouquet is apt for you. It features freshly picked seasonal-scented White Oriental Lillies for your special one in need.

To spring a surprising smile on their face- we also include complimentary options in the form of helium balloons, Wine/Champagne, Chocolates, Type Of Vase and a special gift card with your heartfelt desires.

So, if you wish to send send flowers to the Sandringham hospital then this is the arrangement we recommend.

“Joy” Bouquet- $55.00

Wish to bring a genuine smile on your dear one’s face, or even convey your deepest love to your special someone- Yellow tulips will never let you down!

And if you like Tulips yourself, then this special bouquet is crafted to bring immense joy to the recipient. And like all our other special bloom arrangements that we offer under $70, this one too comes with fresh seasonal flowers and a horde of complimentary inclusions such as:-

  • Type of vase:- Large/small.
  • Teddy bear:- Small/Medium/Large
  • Chocolates:-Standard box/Premium box
  • Bottle Of Wine:- Australian Sparkling Wine/White Wine/Red Wine and also French/Moet & Chandon champagne.
  • And Balloons

“Perfume” Bouquet- $55.00

If you are a fan of soft pink scented ‘Hyacinths’, then this wonderful flower arrangement features a fresh bunch of seasonal flowers tailored for your special event.

This special arrangement also comes with many customised arrangements like-balloons, a bottle of wine- be it Australian red wine/white wine, chocolates, teddy bear and the type of vase you want your floral arrangement to be.

If you choose; you can also add a message gift card to pen down your heartfelt emotions for your dear one.

“Adorable” Bouquet- $65.00

This wonderful flower arrangement comes in an ‘Adorable’ mini box featuring scented Freesias and Hyacinths.

All flowers that come in this package are seasonal and come with lots of impressive complementary inclusions like- Chocolates, Bottle of wine, Balloons, Teddy Bear and your choice of a vase.

Let Us Know What You Pick:-

Striving to become a trusted online flower delivery service in Beaumaris these are only a peek of our wide collection of stunning bouquets lined up for you- based on your specific budget and event.

We also provide same day flower delivery Sandringham and free delivery options if your order is over $100 in regions of Highett, Black Rock and Hampton and Sandringham.

Your search for freshly bloomed flower arrangements ends today. Call us @(03) 9598 6825 and let us know your requirement.

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