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Share this Information to Your Wedding Florist Before Closing the Contract

First of all, many congratulations to you from our end as you are getting married soon. And, secondly, we heartily welcome you as you have selected us to be a part of your wedding.

Now, let’s talk about some business here. As you have chosen us, we can assure you to give the best services you will ever find around your locality. You don’t need to tell us how to make your wedding flower arrangement special and unique because we already know that. But, we definitely need to get some details from you.
So, we as the best florist near Mentone, are asking you to go through the following as it has the list of details or information we seek from you. We would further request you to bring in these details with you on your very first appointment with us.

Read on to find out.

The Budget

the budget

The first thing you are required to tell us is your budget. You must realise the price of different arrangements will never be the same. It is recommended from our end to choose seasonal flowers for wedding venue decoration. Even if you ought to make all the arrangements within a tight budget, you will get over with it. Be it, either way; you should be outspoken about your budget to us from the very beginning.

The Venue

the venue

Well, to some extent, the venue and your wedding flower budget are intertwined with each other. The amount of flower you will need for the entire decoration and arrangement will determine your overall expenses. So, let our florist near Highett know whether you have chosen an open venue or a closed-door place for the event and we will tell you the best possible options for your wedding.

The Total Number of Guests

the total number of guests

Right after the discussion over the venue, you should tell us about the headcount of your guests. How many people have you invited for the event? The table decoration, centrepieces, boutonnieres and corsages will be determined based on the headcount of the guests.

The Wedding Theme

the wedding theme

Are you following any particular wedding theme for the special event? You must tell our florist near Beaumaris about it at the very beginning. Wedding flowers are intricately related to the overall wedding theme.

The flowers will complement the colour palette, the entire tone prevalent in the wedding and the texture your wedding theme requires you will choose. So, you should be vocal about your wedding theme.

Specifications if Any…

Now, coming to the final part, you should also let us know about your particular preferences. Do you have any specifications or preferences for the wedding flowers? Do you have any specific dislikes about any flowers that you are going to choose?

In that case, you should be talking about those to our professionals. There is no point of holding back any of your wishes or not talking about those to the professionals during the first meeting as you might not get another chance to fulfil your wishes again.

Sandringham Flowers is undoubtedly the best name in the industry that is continually striving for excellence with the help of professional florist in Hampton. Contact us today to know about our delivery details and other related policies. Visit for more information.

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