Spring Blossoms: Floral Charm That Bestows the Seasonal Elegance

So it is blossom time again – so that means it must be Springtime – the sight of blossom usually lifts all our spirits, all our gardens, streets, parks and green spaces and of course reminds us that the winter colours are over and we can look forward to nature taking a new turn, look and seasonal colours.

Most people love blossom but did you know there are many different varieties – we recognise pretty pink and white blossoms, those with a few feathery petals, those with many intense petals, those with petal clusters straight from the branch, those with growth from little branch nodules – fruit tree blossoms, gum tree blossom, – each with distinct characteristic, look carefully at the differences – but as a generic tree feature – simply beautiful. Blossom on the tree seems to be so dainty and elegant – picked blossom branches are divine but once the blooms open they can drop the petals quite easily – who cares – still gorgeous!


Pretty in pink and white

Light and frothy

Fresh and seasonal

Cherry and Plum

Japanese and English

Streetscape and parklands

Weeping and standard trees

Delicate and detailed

Enjoy this window of beauty – and hope the wind and rain do not remove the blossom quicker than natures rate.

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