sweet and fun facts about sunflowers
Sweet & Fun Facts About SUNFLOWERS – A Knowledge Base!

Close your eyes and try to picture a gorgeous and vibrant looking Sunflower- what comes to your mind?

They are tall. Bright, lively and yellow. And, they grow in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colour shades…. What Else…? Surely that can’t be all about these gorgeous looking blooms.

And indeed, there isn’t. Here are some awe-inspiring facts about Sunflowers- most of which you may be unaware yet. So, pay attention!

Young Sunflowers Track The Sun While The Mature Ones Face The East

A young and vibrant looking Sunflower can track the sun and also be referred to as Heliotropism. A study even shows that sunflowers consist of circadian rhythms that bring out their behaviour. So, this implies that a young-looking Sunflower will always track the sun right from dawn to dusk each day till it matures.

Speaking of their maturity, when they reach a particular maturity level, their internal clock begins to slow down till it finishes the heliotropism. Another study reveals that Sunflowers tend to face East for a couple of reasons.

They attract five times more pollination as they tend to warm up faster than most westward-facing plants.

And, because Sunflowers tend to be more productively warmed when looking in the Eastward direction.

Sunflower Can Even Self-Pollinate To Reproduce

Usually, Sunflowers pollinate by attracting bees which transfer self-created pollens to the stigma. But, if the stigma gets no pollens whatsoever, then the Sunflower bloom also can reproduce by self-pollinating.

The stigma twists round and attempts to reach its own pollens. Another fun fact about Sunflowers are the seeds resulted from self-pollination will appear identical to the actual flower plant.

They Can Be Processed Into Sunbutter

You must have heard Peanut butter or Almond butter- but Sunflower seed butter? If not, then you should know that if anyone suffers from a nut allergy, then Sunflower seed butter is the staple diet for them.

Sunflower seed butter consist of significantly less saturated fat in comparison to peanut butter. Plus, it also comes packed with more minerals than both peanut and almond butter combined presents as stated by reports.

Sunflowers Consists Of Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The Sunflower plant also comes with many additional benefits other than a beautiful gift. Studies have shown that they also consists of anti-inflammatory properties, mainly due to the presence of linoleic acid in them that they can convert to arachidonic acid.

Each of them consist of fatty acids and assist in reducing the loss of water/moisture or nourishment against any skin barrier.

Another interesting and impressive fact about Sunflower is that present two types of seed production. One being oil seeds and the other being non-seed oils.

Oilseeds:- Oilseed production is very common in sunflowers found in farmlands. These seed hulls are properly encased using solid black shells. Other than its use as bird food, they are primarily used for oil-extraction purposes.

Non-oilseeds:- Non-oilseeds are for human consumption and are safeguarded with the help of striped hulls. They grow on the flower head part of the Sunflower plant and are enriched with Selenium and Vitamin E to assist treat and avert chronic diseases.

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