Tips To Care For Your Flower and Keep Them Fresh For Longer!

Want your Valentine’s Day Roses or Anniversary bloom or even birthday bouquet to be vibrant and fresh for long?

Good news is all this is very much possible. All it takes are some household ingredients and some active care to keep them fresh for a long span of time.

Here’s How You Should Care For Them:-
flowers bouquet

Cut The Stems First:-

Chop off the stem at an angle beneath the running water so that the stem consumes more water for growth and nourishment.

Check the vase and cut off accordingly and smart small. Most bouquets appear fuller when they are closer to the lip of the vase. So chop a few inches off the flower stem and keep them properly to get the appropriate length.

If your flowers come in a basket or other form of container, add fresh water to it every day to keep them blooming and vibrant.

Separate The Leaves:-

The next step is removing the leaves of the flower, which drop below the waterline. This creates a clean aesthetics which prevent bacterial growth.

If you receive roses (or other types of petal) separate the outer petals as they are intentionally kept on the flowers to safeguard the bloom arrangement for shipment.

Fill Them Inside The Vase:-

Ensure the vase is filled with room temperature water along with a pack of flower food. You can also add a preservative such as white vinegar (about a couple of spoons) and sugar (about 3 tbs) with the quarts of water. This is important to promote, nourish and prevent harmful bacterial growth.

Artfully Arrange The Flowers:-

Look to display your flowers artfully but away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and ripening fruits like Apple and Pears.

Avoid keeping them in the path of cigarette smoking and ethylene gas as they may be detrimental for any given flower type. Furthermore, look to avoid flower arrangements in windowsills or other areas that may cause these blooms to wilt. Ideally, flowers last longer in cooler areas.

Also, look to change the vase with fresh water (again at room temperature) in every 2-3 days gap. This will keep them crisp, fresh, nourished and rich in colour. And if you find your flowers wilting, lay them for a warm bath for about 20-30 minutes. That will help revive them.

Final Words:

Follow these steps properly to keep your blooms safe and vibrant for long. However, the smart thing would be not to expect them to last for too long. At best if they can last for 7-10 days (max) and that’s a win for you. Share these tips with anyone who to wants to preserve their blooms for long.

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