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Zodiac Sign LIBRA? Perfect Bloom Arrangements For Their Personality!

Everyone loves Libras. They are charming and elegant. They hate being alone. And they always strive to maintain harmony and balance in every aspect of their lives.

So, if you have Libra friend, girlfriend/relative, then what better way to show your love and appreciation than presenting them a gorgeous bouquets.

And if that’s your aim, “Sandringham Flowers”; your reliable florist serving Mentone, Highett and Cheltenham offer you a wide range of gorgeous bouquets to present on their big day!

Determining The Perfect Blooms For Libras:-
perfect blooms for libras

Most Libras are in love with LOVE! They only feel complete and at ease when they are in a steady relationship. And because they are suckers for love, more often than not they often rush into committing with people not suited to them.

Furthermore, the strong indecisive personality of a Libra often hurts their significant other half, simply because they can never make up their mind. They often tend to avoid breaking up and drag their partner’s along even when they know that they can never be with that person.

Their strengths lie in their charming, harmonious, diplomatic and balanced nature. While their weaknesses are due to their indecisive superficial, narcissistic and gullible traits.

The Right Flower To Appease Their Hearts:- As most Libras are hopeless romantics, their favourite flower is a ROSE. This flower, itself is the symbol of romance, compassion and love, and sending them a bouquet of fresh and vibrant bouquet of Roses will bring out a big genuine smile on their faces.

To help you appease the heart of your Libra friend; we offer you some stunning bouquet arrangements to go for.

“Combination of gorgeous White Roses, nested with Red Hypericum berries”. This arrangement is seasonal and can be easily customised using balloons, a bottle of wine, chocolates, bear and the type of vase. If you wish to add a gift card with your heartfelt message, then we request you to convey your requirements at the time of booking.

“Combination of warm Red Roses, White Oriental Lilies and lush green foliage.” This special bouquet arrangement is seasonal and will prove perfect for your Libra friend’s birthday (or any other occasion/reason). You can complement this bouquet with balloons, a box of chocolates, teddy bear, wine bottle and even the type of vase you wish to present it. It is one of our popular festive arrangement, and it doesn’t cost a great deal too!

“Small-Petite yet gorgeous combination of hot Pink Roses.” In comparison to the above two arrangements, this comes in a small box with a white ribbon. And despite being simple, it will prove to be one worthy birthday gift for your Libra friend. You can also customise this with complementary tear bear, balloons, a box of chocolates, wine bottle and a gift card to speak your heart.

Being your premier flower delivery specialists in Hampton; we assure you that the receiver will appreciate these wonderful arrangements on their special day. However, these are only a peek of what we have in our arsenal.

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